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Coaching sessions are conducted by Phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom or In-Person for those in the Sacramento area.

I only work with clients who are committed to being held accountable, that show up 100% ready and present for each session, and are willing to break out of their comfort zone. The total investment for your personalized program will be discussed during your first no obligation Mini Session.

Full Individual Coaching Packages include:

  • A Strength-Finders assessment test

  • A live Questionnaire Review that we discuss and go through together

  • Follow-up Work and Reading Assignments designed to keep you focused and growing

  • A tailored and personalized Action Plan and Self-Care Program to facilitate your personal growth

  • Email correspondence in between sessions

  • Freedom to ask and share anything you want, whenever you need.

Payment is required up front and payment plans are offered. There is a strict 24 hour in advance cancellation policy for each session. Payments are accepted via Personal Check, Cash, PayPal or Credit Cards (accepted with an additional 2% service fee).


Specialties & Programs

Family Reunification

Are you in need of support to reunite with your children or find a life coach for court ordered coaching?

These sessions focus on helping parents become more aware of the best practices for their family. Reunification coaching helps support parents by preparing them to use their effective parenting skills and strengths.  

We work together to achieve client-identified family goals. The process is collaborative and client directed, working from a strengths-based perspective. Clients learn to establish their intent to reunify as they build on skills that will prepare them for the return of or continued placement of their children in the home. 

Career Development

*Special Packages offered for How to find a State of California Job*

Do you want more out of your career? Are you unsure if the job you have right now is the right one for you? What if you want to be more involved at work, but don’t know how?

This package is designed to uncover how you can grow in your desired career path. It will reveal how you can excel in your current field, or help you explore new career adventures elsewhere. Dynamic Coaching will provide you with creative tools and resources for how to negotiate promotional opportunities, explore new positions and educate on how you can flourish in the workplace.

During sessions, we will discuss strategies on how to improve career satisfaction, transition to a more fulfilling career, or even how to start or grow your own business and transform your money mindset.

 This package also includes resume assistance and interviewing techniques.

I’ve been selected as Sacramento’s Top Resume Writer

I’ve been selected as Sacramento’s Top Resume Writer

Home Organization

Are you overwhelmed by clutter? Do you feel like you live in a maze? Do you need to learn how to get organized and unpack all of that collected excess?

In this package, you will find how to break through the massive messiness that clutter can cause in your home or office. We will guide you patiently and compassionately to get you the peaceful and functional space you desperately crave.

You will learn systems specifically designed for you to keep things running smooth and easy in your home or office. You will finish this program with a great sense of accomplishment and clarity you can actually see and feel.

This package offers an upgraded service: For those who elect for it, Kimmie will travel to your home or office and do a personal and thorough assessment. After the assessment, Kimmie will work with you 1-on-1 in organizing and coordinating your specific area.  

Time Management

Do you feel like time is always getting away from you? Do you constantly feel rushed, or beat out by the clock?

This package is specifically designed to help women who feel that they are being spread too thin with their time.

There are seemingly endless workplace demands, children’s ever-expanding schedules, plans being made with friends, and responsibilities with your family that require your full time and attention. For many women, there are too many times where it feels like all the plates you are spinning will eventually all crash down. This package was tailor made for women who feel that there is just not enough time in the day to accomplish all that needs to be done.

Inside these sessions, you will learn how to take control of your workload using practical tips and techniques for managing the multiple priorities that compete for your time, attention, and energy.

Meal Planning 

Have you ever been caught unprepared when dinner time rolls around? Does the thought of cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner every day send chills down your spine?

These sessions were created to put an end to the panic that strikes when your child looks up at you and asks “Mom…what’s for dinner tonight?”

This package is the ultimate way to prepare when it comes to nutrition. Meal planning is simply the act of preparing meals ahead of time so you have ready-to-eat meals that easily fit within your life, health, and fitness goals. Being too busy is never a good enough reason to pull up a drive through window. Ever. Proper nutrition, be it just for you, you and your partner, or for you and the kids is always best achieved when planned and prepared for ahead of time.

In these sessions, you will learn how to put an end to the dreaded question of “Mom… what’s for dinner tonight?”, and learn how to always have an answer you’ll feel proud of.

1:1 Coaching

Do you need help in stabilizing your heart to trust in yourself as you walk through life? Are you struggling in managing your foundational beliefs within your own home, or at work? Do you need a hand in lighting that fire deep inside your soul?

These 1-on-1 sessions are spent creating a game plan for your specific situation, either personal or work related.

Together, we walk through the challenge that is unique to you and your situation, and bring you out onto the other side. These sessions are exclusive and off-limits to others, and can be used to work through ANY problem area in your life. Nothing is off limits.



“Kimmie Young is probably the most influential person I have encountered in my career. She has an unparalleled energy and passion for her craft. She understands her clients and what their needs are and offers creative and meaningful solutions. I dare you to find an obstacle that Kimmie cannot offer a solution to. She helps staff build themselves up by teaching them how to embrace their strengths. I can assure you that if you engage with Kimmie, you will enhance your life immeasurably”

~ Ms. Colston 

“Kimmie is an amazing person. Kimmie is well known for her passion in helping those around her to become better leaders. Kimmie leads by example. She is intentional in all of her interactions and is always finding ways to improve processes and people. I would recommend Kimmie as a true professional who has great interpersonal savvy and an amazing personality that draws people towards her.”

~ James Media