I have personally seen Kimmie guide two women to successful careers. One older and one younger woman. She took the time and patience to prepare each of them for a successful career in State service. She is passionate, dedicated, excited, and just full of vigor to help those who want true empowerment in their lives. It is my recommendation, based on knowing this woman, that you give her a chance to show you how to be empowered, strong, spirited and energized for life.  To be the best you.

Ashandi W.

I got so much more then I had expected. The support and responsiveness was amazing. Try her service at least once and you will know exactly what I mean.

Jasmine C.

After our sessions, I always feel lifted up and get the boost I need to keep moving forward in my life. Meeting with Kimmie, helps take my mind off the situation and on the positive possibilities in front of me. I am excited about the relationship I have built with Kimmie. She embodies the woman I want to be as a mother, a boss and a strong woman.

Kimmie is very open, welcoming and approachable. She displays a genuine interest in listening, addressing problems, concerns, and has generously offered guidance and support. She has also created opportunities in areas pertaining to career growth by offering trainings, discussions, hands-on experience and has empowered individuals by matching their tasks with their strengths. A great coach consistently provides support, promotes one-on-one communication and provides feedback, and Kimmie possesses those qualities.

Maria S.

Through coaching, Kimmie helped me to unlock my professional potential by developing my strengths, asking the tough questions and giving me the inspiration I needed to achieve my goal of becoming a manager for the government

Michael A.

I find Kimmie to be a person of great integrity, who is approachable, supportive and is willing to listen to concerns and needs of others. Kimmie displays a genuine interest in empowering and helping one reach their full potential relating to both career and personal growth. I have grown and become more confident and I am grateful for Kimmie showing me how to do that!

Mary G.