How to Become a Good if Not GREAT Friend


It’s easy to forget that your closest friends are still people.

The closer we get to someone, that constant reminder to be cautious about what you say and how you say it fades away –which often gets us into trouble we are completely unaware of until it’s too late.

Ceasing to show respect to your friends can easily make you into a bad friend, which is the opposite of what you want when you are trying to maintain and grow your relationships.
Looking to become a good, if not great friend? Here are some tips you can try as you move throughout your week, even the kinds of weeks in which you both are too busy to see each other.

Openness and Transparency

The key to closeness is honesty.
When you share your truth with someone, about anything, it creates a dialogue that breeds closeness. If you are sharing how you truly feel about situations in your life, or are simply listening to the truth about situations in theirs, encourage each other to be as open and honest as you both can be. That what they share will not result in any judgment or criticism. Just support.

Choose Love, Every Time

I  choose love.jpg

You are not perfect, and your friend is not perfect. As hard as that may be to hear –it’s true. Sometimes our friends can be difficult to love. There can be times in which you feel that your friend has slighted you, or disappointed you.

In those times that you feel hurt or let down by your friend, a reaction may be to lash out, or to try and distance yourself because you feel angry and hurt. In those times, remind yourself: I am not perfect, and neither are they. I make mistakes all the time, just as they have. I love my friend too much to allow this circumstance to separate us.
Choose to love your friend, and continue loving your friend.

Be Present Physically AND Mentally

When you are together, be together.
Spending time together should always be more than “we are simply in the same room together”. Be intentional with your time, and don’t allow your meeting up to slip by without either of you feeling that you really connected.

Support Each Other’s Life Journeys

Our lives are growing and changing all the time. Be a friend that is adaptable and supportive of the busyness that is happening in both you and your friend’s life, and don’t make your relationship be all about what you want out of it.


Besides spending time and having fun together, there are other ways of keeping close to your friend: Send an honest text, or if you have a few minutes to leave a voicemail because you know your friend can’t get to the phone right away, then do so! Show your friend that you care in ways that don’t put pressure on them.

Being a great friend is about how you can show your friend how much you care about them. When the opportunities arise, be open and honest with how you feel, choose to love them, and when you finally can be with them –put that phone away and be present both mentally and physically.

Being a great friend doesn’t just happen. It happens when you are aware of how you are acting and reacting to situations in your relationship. Make the decision to be a great friend, and it will come back to you. Don’t believe me? Try it out and see for yourself.