How to Deal with Discouraging Comments

I’m sure you have received a comment like this before:

Oh, THAT’S what you are doing? That’s not a good idea”, or “I really don’t know about that, you should DEFINITELY try something else…

Perhaps this so called ‘advice’ was good intended. Perhaps their words came from a loving place. Perhaps they are just trying to keep you from getting hurt.

…But regardless of what they meant, what they said was hurtful to you. You shared an idea with them of what you wanted, and they don’t believe you can or should do it.

What do you do when these moments happen? Today we look at how to handle discouraging comments and words, and discuss how to grow a support team that can power you on your journey of achieving even your craziest goals.


Your Mind is Trying to Take the Easy Way Out

Comments that rub you the wrong way happen all the time.

Most of the time these negative comments rub you wrong by accident. They were not directed at you to be hurtful, but came to you as rude. The reason these comments are causing you to react so strongly is because deep in your mind, you agree with what they said to you. You need to ignore that inner voice.

Your mind will always try and convince you not to try something hard. Getting out of your comfort zone is not easy, and is something your brain perceives as dangerous. That little voice in your head will always speak up when you try and break out of your comfort zone, and something as simple as a negative comment from someone you are talking to is enough for that voice to perk up and work harder to convince you to stay where it’s comfortable –safe in the world of “not trying”.

Ignore the negative voice, brush off the comment, and keep on your path.

7_Negative Comments.jpg

Be a Gracious Listener, but Surround Yourself with Support

Although there may be people who try to dissuade you from achieving your personal goals, there will also be people who support you endlessly.

Surround yourself with these people and their comforting words and use their encouragement as fuel to propel yourself onward. Support is how we achieve our dreams and goals. Gather yourself around the ones who encourage and support your goal. In time, the others who originally dissuaded you from your idea will come around and see that your idea was really was worth pushing for. As you move closer and closer to your goal, your support team will grow.


Don't Accept Negativity

Hold on to your support


Negative comments often come from a place of jealousy, or a lack in understanding. In those times of negativity, be gracious, ignore the voice in your head that tries to keep you from attempting tough things, and surround yourself in the encouragement and support of loved ones. Negative comments are spoken all the time, so develop a thick skin and soldier on.

The path to a worthy goals is difficult, but always worth taking.