Importance of Self Care

So much of our energy is spent caring for the ones who surround us.

Our kids, husbands, boyfriends, family members, friends… all of them rely on us for so many things. For those of us who manage our own careers during the day and then come home at night to help our loved ones, we rarely have any time for ourselves. So, for those of us who are overwhelmingly busy, what does self-care look like?



The answer varies per person, but self-care can be broken down into 3 elements:

The Body -Physical Care:

Taking the time to take care of your body is essential to self-care. Be it scheduling time to relax and let go, or to push yourself and sweat it all out through exercise --the first element of self-care is take care of your physical body. 

Your body is what powers you through all your responsibilities and goals… and if you don’t take proper care of your body, then how can it continue taking care of you? 

Give your body what it needs, and don’t ignore the signals your body gives you. 

The Mind -Emotional Care:

Spend time every now and again focusing on the areas that make you feel whole. The areas that excite you. Focusing on the aspects of your life that bring your mind joy and excitement bring us to the second element of self-care: your mind.

Put time aside for an activity that causes your mind to relax and feel joy that is exclusive to you.

Create opportunities that make you feel like an individual. If you loved art when you were younger but just lost the time to be able to surround yourself in it anymore, make a point of bringing it back. Schedule an hour a week to immerse yourself in creating art, or even just to admire another people’s art. A weekly visit to a gallery, or even just watching a Netflix documentary about art before bed can be enough if you feel you are too busy! There is never an excuse good enough to say goodbye to something that makes you truly happy.

The Heart -Spiritual Care: 

Even if you are not religious, chances are that you are passionate about something outside of you. 

There is no joy greater than the joy that comes with helping others and being a part of something greater. Nurture that desire within you and make it happen.

Volunteer to help in an area of life you are passionate about. Perhaps even include the family in your plans to help them understand why you care about this area of interest so much.

Living out and embracing your passions is crucial to self-care, and even though you may feel you are too busy to have interests in things outside of work or family --you really are never too busy to fill your life with things that bring you pure joy.

Embrace your passions, and make time for you. Speak up about what you feel you need. 

Don’t ignore the feelings that alert you to feeling exhausted. When you feel you need to recharge, schedule the time to do exactly that.