Dynamic Coaching is all about empowering women. We aim to excite and motivate women to do more than just “fill their roles” in the home, in the workplace and in the world. We aim to inspire women of all ages and backgrounds to discover true potential and purpose within their lives.


Dynamic Coaching provides a safe space. We are committed to providing a comfortable and confidential environment for quality 1-on-1 coaching. It is in this honest and protected space that we aim to enable women to unlock their full potentials to live healthier, fulfilled and more passionate lives.

Dynamic Coaching focuses in…

  • Creating tailor-made programs that meet the specific needs for each individual woman.

  • Providing a customized step-by-step process to address the needs and goals of the whole woman.

  • Empowering women by facilitating activities that bring out their true potential and top strengths.

  • Supporting women through strengthening relationships with others that define their roles as a:

    • Wife, mother, bonus mom, daughter, sister, aunt and friend

  • Maintaining the highest level of integrity and unbiased opinion for every woman regardless of their ethnic, social or religious background.

  • Undertaking the responsibility of keeping strict confidentiality for every client.

  • Providing tools and resources that will guide the daily practices of:

    • Time Management

    • Home Organization

    • Career Development

    • and Meal Planning


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Hello, my name is Kimmie Young, and I am the founder and creator of Dynamic Coaching in Sacramento, California.

With over 13 years working in the field of executive management, I have worked with countless individuals in building and managing careers, homes and lives.

Over the course of my career, I have worked side by side with career executives, CEO’s, personal trainers, authors, pastors and teachers in the personal growth industry. I specialized in coaching home life skills and career development, and now my passion is to bring those exact same practices directly to you.

A little about myself

Besides being a professional life coach who focusses on igniting the fire within you, I am a wife, and a mother of 3 boys. In 2009, I began a career change and moved into a position with the State of California, later I promoted as a manager with the State. I have received my certification for Supervisory Training from California State University, Sacramento and completed the Best Managers Academy Program. I received my coaching certification from International Association of Certified Coaches.

My life motto is, “My latter days shall be greater than my former days.” In my personal time, my hobbies include cooking, working out and playing video games with my children.

How did I get started in “Life Coaching”?:

For years and years before I discovered my purpose, I found myself exhausted from trying to portray a perfect and organized life on the outside, but truly feeling lost and chaotic on the inside. I was trying so hard to make everyone else around me happy, that I forgot how to keep myself happy in the process. I knew I had to begin taking better care of myself, and that process began when I placed focus on understanding my own joy and fulfillment at work, and as a mother, as a wife… and as a woman.

I sat down with my own life coach and was taught about all the ways I was ignoring the power I always had within me. I learned about the happiness and joy that always was there, but that I became so used to hiding and pushing down. My own life coach left me ignited, and I fell in love with the process of self-discovery. It was then, all those years ago that I discovered a new self within.

This new empowerment has pushed me to feel strong, confident, authentic and powerful –and I want to show you how you can feel ignited, too.



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